How to separate feeders and engraving machines

How to separate feeders and engraving machines

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In fact, the engraving machine and the opening machine are two concepts. It can be said that the opening machine is an upgraded version of the engraving machine. At present, the types of feeders on the market are mainly the following types: single-head feeders, multi-step loading and unloading (two-step, three-step, and four-step), multiple-step duplex, and machining center loading and unloading Straight row tool changer, disk change tool including servo tool changer and ordinary tool changer), double process drilling and loading and unloading, machining center row and drill, CNC side hole machine, labeling and cutting machine, CNC PTP and CNC five Face drill.

The NC cutting machine is a numerically controlled automatic cutting equipment, mainly for the current plate furniture market, is based on the wood engraving machine upgrade, faster than the traditional sliding table saw, more intelligent than the digital electronic saw Professional custom home furnishing equipment. Therefore, CNC cutting machine is highly liberated from the traditional plate-type labor force. Therefore, friends who previously used a sliding table saw or electronic saw could purchase CNC cutting machine for the purpose of emancipating the labor force and increasing production efficiency. They plan to enter the whole house in the future. Custom home improvement, paint-free doors, wood decoration, wooden crafts, cabinet doors, screens and other fields customers can also start CNC cutting machine.

In fact, when selecting the opening machine, it is also flawed. If you use the molding process for cabinet doors, the types of tools will be changed and used. It is recommended to use a machining center. If only a single cabinet door angle is selected, it is also used for opening materials. It is recommended to start four-step opener, after all, the cost is higher. The choice of the row rig type depends on the type of vertical hole size. The vertical hole size is more than 5 types. It is recommended to increase the efficiency by starting the rig type. For the horizontal hole processing, the numerical control side hole machine is used, and the cost performance is higher. The high performance-price ratio is for the PTP and CNC five-face drilling rigs, which belong to the high-end models in the field of the cutting machine. Opening materials, playing vertical holes, and horizontal holes in one body are more efficient, but the price is not affordable for general furniture factories.

Strictly speaking, engraving machines are divided into two categories: laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Mechanical engraving is divided intostone carving, wood carving, and metal carving. Here we discuss wood carving. The most common types of engraving machines are single-head engraving machines, multi-head engraving machines (from one to two, one to eight, etc.), multi-Z engraving machines, multi-step engraving machines, multi-axis engraving machines, and machining centers. Mainly used in the advertising industry, such as mini-carving, acrylic cutting and engraving, embossing industry, multi-head machine, four-axis, five-axis engraving machine used in this industry more, such as carpentry door carving, carpentry carving, portrait carving and so on. Cabinet door industry, where there is a slight intersection with the opener, the object of operation are the door shape, mainly multi-process engraving machine and processing center. Engraving machine supplies more types, wood board, acrylic board, PVC board, density board, wood board, two-color board, rubber board and so on.

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