Some Misunderstandings and Precautions When Buying a Panel Furniture Opener

Some Misunderstandings and Precautions When Buying a Panel Furniture Opener

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The rise of custom furniture in the whole house, the rapid development of the plate furniture decoration industry, so the majority of furniture manufacturers have begun to use CNC machine equipment to replace manual operations, but because they do not understand the NC cutting machine industry, so often friends appear after the purchase of the machine This or that kind of problem affects the use in the later period. The following misunderstandings and precautions must not be ignored.

Spindle power: The power of the spindle affects the machining effect. If the processed product needs to cut and open the material, it is recommended to use a high-power spindle. The cutting speed is fast and the effect isgood. Generally, the 6KW high-power air-cooled main is used.

Motor type: The most basic is the stepper motor, some friends want better motor but do not want to invest too much, you can choose domestic servo motor. If the machine itself is full-featured, all configurations are high. It is recommended that CNC machine feeders also use better imported servo motors.

Adsorption mesa: a lot of friends will mention when the CNC cutting machine purchases the machine, the whole board is good for the adsorption of the table, but sometimes the processing of small materials feels to open the suction pump cost, so you want to absorb the dual-use table, This type of countertop can be done. Everyone may think that dual use is very good. This perception is wrong! Its adsorption effect is not fully absorbed by the tabletop! The adsorption mesa is partitioned, and the non-integral sheet can open a single adsorption area to save electricity.

Adsorption pump: When it comes to the adsorption table, you have to talk about the choice of adsorption pump. Adsorption pumps are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled adsorption pumps of the NC cutting machine. Air-cooled adsorption pumps are noisier than water-cooled adsorption pumps, but northern friends who use water-cooled adsorption pumps must pay attention to antifreeze in autumn and winter.Therefore, we can choose the appropriate adsorption pump according to the climate conditions of our region.

Body:Why are the equipments that are also in the woodworking industry different from the body frames of CNC wood cutting machines and ordinary woodworking machines? As mentioned above, the servo motor runs faster than the ordinary motor, so the stability of the airframe must be guaranteed. Poor stability will affect the accuracy of processing. If he bed frame is not thick enough, it is absolutely impossible for the whole machine to go through five-sided milling. With even the best motor and other configurations, the processed products are defective products.

Control system: Many people will think that adding some configuration or function has so much difference in price. The CNC equipment can not be added and operated with an accessory. Each configuration function needs system control, so the system version will be different. Just like the software used by your mobile phone may not be upgraded, some functions may not be realized, so the new generation of control systems are generally selected. If the manufacturers recommend domestic low-end systems, it proves that this manufacturer is not professional at all.