Shanxi opener, custom closet, CNC cutting machine, Golden Eagle, cost-effective

Shanxi opener, custom closet, CNC cutting machine, Golden Eagle, cost-effective

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Basically,all the panel furniture needs to be opened, punched, and grooved. If it is a head cutting machine, there is definitely no way to accomplish these tasks at one time. The tool needs to be shut down, so the three heads are generally a spindle. Cutting, one slotted. A perforated, custom-made closet CNC cutting machine, this work efficiency is higher, and made very accurate.

Shanxi CNC cutting machine features:

The Golden Eagle Warrior CNC cutting machine is a device that has a relatively high cost performance for custom-made panel furniture. This equipment is different from the three processes of vertical hole drilling, backplane groove and sheet metal blanking in the production of panel furniture. Three high-power air-cooled spindles are configured. Each spindle is responsible for a process. At the same time, the feeder can realize all processes of the three-step engraving machine, including engraving and milling. This model is currently an entry-level numerically controlled cutting equipment for a custom panel furniture factory. It has a low price, a complete process, high efficiency, and quick return.

The Opener machine features:

One,three spindle structure, according to the three-type process in the production of plate furniture, the division of labor to achieve the hole, pull slot, open material.

TheSecond, the machine uses three high-power spindles, the material can be used flexibly.

TheThird, the machine comes with pusher suction device, optional automatic loading and unloading platform.

TheGolden Eagle Ares cutting machine to adapt to the industry:

Panel furniture cutting, punching, cupboard closet, computer desk, tatami, TV cabinet, office furniture, simple door type, shoes cabinet, showcase and other custom furniture. Product service coverage nationwide, consulting service hotline +86-551-63454286.