Golden Eagle CNC cutting machine save worry

Golden Eagle CNC cutting machine save worry

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, the supply of some necessities for household life is not only demanding but also increasing in demand. For example, the manufacture of furniture has completely changed from the original pure artificial + traditional sliding table saw (big saw) into intelligent furniture design software + CNC cutting machine production mode, the new furniture production mode not only solves the problem of old-fashioned furniture production Difficult to recruit, difficult to manage, the problem of unstable output; also increased the production efficiency and product quality of custom panel furniture. Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Jiangxi plate furniture production solutions CNC cutting machine Golden Eagle God of War dedicated to serve you!

The new plate furniture production line of Golden Eagle Warrior from the production design to the finished product cabinet, the entire process is simple and efficient, the designer designs the furniture styles that the customer needs, then optimizes the layout through the design software, maximizes the utilization rate of the plate, and then The G code that can be identified by the software exported machine is copied from the U disk to the system of the CNC cutting machine. The worker places the required plate on the work surface and selects the processing file to allow the machine to machine the overall cabinet. Plates include profiled plates, using an average of 4-6 minutes per plate (including vertical holes for the plate, slotting, cutting).

After cutting the board, the automatic edge banding machine is used to seal the workpiece plate, and then the sealed plate is taken to the infrared side hole machine for automatic side hole machine (infrared side hole machine is currently a relatively economic type Quick side hole equipment, mainly according to the vertical hole punched by the cutting machine, with the laser head sensing to hit the side hole, generally only need an ordinary employee to place the sheet on the workbench, click the start button to open the hole, no need to Manual measurement accuracy, the final installation of the master in accordance with the software provides a multi-directional view, to the customer's home can be assembled.

The substitution of machines in the panel furniture production line on the market brings many benefits, and users are also earning a lot of money.

First, to reduce costs: mainly including labor costs (opening machine can be an ordinary staff can operate independently, push the table saw must be two operations, but also must be a master), material costs (using CNC cutting machine is the computer to optimize the typesetting, Fast typesetting, high plate utilization rate, typesetting by a sliding table saw master, slow manual typesetting, and low plate utilization rate).

Second, improve production efficiency: CNC cutting machine 8 hours a day can process an average of more than 60 boards, it is recommended to work 30 boards.

Third, custom high-end furniture: CNC cutting machine can be made with a variety of boutique and high-end cabinet wardrobe, sliding table saw can only do the traditional, straight-edge old-style plate furniture.

Fourth, safety production: The new CNC production line is absolutely safe throughout the entire process, will not cause work-related injuries, the traditional sliding table saw is easy to cause injury, generally small manufacturers cause industrial and commercial, while the weight may make the factory closed, light will also produce Caused a heavy blow.