How the Furniture Industry Bosses Choose the Right Type of Panel Furniture Opener

How the Furniture Industry Bosses Choose the Right Type of Panel Furniture Opener

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There are many manufacturers of CNC cutting machines on the market. The types of models vary. The product quality is also uneven. The price is also tens or even hundreds of thousands. As the direct user, the owner of a furniture company should How to choose the right equipment for your company? Plate furniture production line, plate furniture cutting machine manufacturers Golden Eagle Ares national service hotline 0551-63454286.

First of all, to do a good job before buying three things: to clear the material you want to process, according to their own processing of materials to determine the choice of type of feeder; determine the size of the material you want to process, according to the size of their own processing materials to determine Opener model; to locate the products they want to process, according to their own processing technology to determine the function of the machine; then it is best to go to the factory site inspection, go to the shop to see the machine to understand the specific configuration of the machine, detailed consultation on their own The required machine condition.

Nowadays, there are several types of CNC cutting machines in the market: single-head CNC cutting machine, process belt row drilling, process CNC cutting machine (four processes), machining center with row drilling, and automatic loading and unloading of CNC materials; There are also some duplex models that can double the size of the tabletop (can put two plates, very efficient)

There are also four important points to note in the purchase process:

First, choose a professional manufacturer

The numerical control cutting machine has high accuracy, speed, and stability for the machine. Ordinary woodworking machine absolutely can not meet the technological requirements of CNC cutting machine. The CNC cutting machine is not just as simple as adding a woodworking machine body. Therefore, choosing a CNC cutting machine must choose a professional manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process. In the process of product assembly, Beijin CNC executes strict equipment standards and assembly processes, divides assembly units according to process, mass production guarantees product assembly quality and accuracy, and we ensure the high accuracy of each machine test machine, providing customers with the highest Quality products.

Second, select a few manufacturers of intention, compare the detailed machine configuration of each CNC cutting machine.

The comparison parts mainly include: spindles, frequency converters, drive systems, guide rails, screw rods, control systems, etc.

Third, choose the right model.

For the strength of the capital of the manufacturers can choose automatic loading and unloading of CNC cutting equipment. For small and medium sized furniture factories with limited financial resources, the three-step feeder (opening, drilling, and milling) is the preferred model. The three heads can be equipped with three different knife types, which can guarantee the speed of the material, and can also play a small hole below 6MM. And this model can meet a variety of processes such as cabinets and cabinet doors.

Of course, if the machine can be equipped with auxiliary feeding system, the overall processing efficiency is not much lower than that of the fully automatic loading and unloading machine, and the cost performance is very high.

Fourth, choose the appropriate supporting removal software.

"Dismantling" is the abbreviation for "split orders". When a production company receives an external order and the design department designs a product drawing, the relevant person divides the entire drawing into parts according to the production process. Demand for order breakdown for production requirements. Enterprises arrange tasks such as production and procurement according to the results of the dismantling work. Therefore, the "single-disposal software" is also used to assist the enterprises in the production management, calculation, etc. of the entire project, thereby eliminating the worries of the enterprise.

At present, with the increase in the number and type of domestic furniture software, there are more and more optional furniture supporting software. However, there are not many truly mature softwares. Many softwares have problems such as difficult design and inaccurate holes. Beijin CNC's customer-oriented furniture design and production software is the unique software and numerical control equipment manufacturer in the industry. The H400 series software developed by the company has obtained a number of national patents!