Q: What is the solution to the panel collapse?

Q: What is the solution to the panel collapse?

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Three process woodworking machine

First, the plate material:

The plates used in the blanking are density boards and chipboards. The hardness of these two kinds of plates is relatively high, but due to low cost and easy processing and other reasons are widely used in the production of panel furniture. However, these two kinds of plates have the same drawback, that is, the two plates are pressed, meaning that they are not a whole, if the bond strength is not strong, it is easy to collapse when the material is opened.


The choice of plate may not allow us to change, but we can choose a good CNC woodworking machine, such as Bias CNC cutting machine, the collapse of the situation mainly in the table saw and poor quality of the opener, Biesse CNC cutting machines do not suffer from chipping due to equipment.

Second, the sharpness of the tool

CNC woodworking machine opener is used to open the material, the sharpness of the tool directly affects the rough surface of the open material. If the sharpness of the tool is not strong, then the open plate will be collapsed. In the case of a bad tool, it is not recommended to open the material too fast.


As far as possible, select good quality tools. Once the collapse occurs during processing, it is necessary to immediately stop working and replace the tool.

Third, the spindle speed

The same reason as the tool sharpness, if the spindle speed is not enough, the open plate is very likely to collapse.


The spindle speed is adjusted to a high point, but care must be taken to adjust it without affecting the use of the tool.

Fourth, the tool is not firmly clamped

The tool is not firmly clamped, causing chipping and damage to the tool during the processing of the product.

Solution: Fix the cutter

V. Poor vacuum adsorption

Some manufacturers of the opener his vacuum adsorption table adsorption capacity is not very strong, in the CNC woodworking cutting machine processing products when the workpiece is not reliable adsorption, resulting in the displacement of the sheet, which is also caused by sheet metal collapse reasons.

What is welcomed by everyone now is the vacuum adsorption countertop of CNC cutting machine. Biesse CNC cutting machine adopts double-layer vacuum adsorption tabletop, no clamping, strong vacuum suction directly adsorbs the plate on the tabletop through the fine adsorption holes on the tabletop. The adsorption effect of the adsorption table is better, and the force of the plate will be more uniform, and the precision of the material will be directly improved. Moreover, the numerical control feeder can completely adjust the spindle speed and the material discharge speed of the equipment according to the data required for splitting the material. The use of simple and high processing efficiency is absolutely the best choice for the production of panel furniture!