Q: Why do you need to dry wood before assembling?

Q: Why do you need to dry wood before assembling?

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Why do you need to dry the wood for a period of time before using the glue for wood?

If the aging time is not enough, it is easy to appear cracked products after the puzzle. The reason why wood drying is required is:

The general treatment method of wood after drying out of the kiln needs to stand for a certain period of time in the dry material health storehouse. This is mainly due to the fact that during the drying process of the wood, the moisture in the wood is changed due to volatilization, which easily causes the size of the wood and The change in volume causes internal stresses in the wood.

If the health is not carried out for a certain period of time, the moisture in the wood is evaporated, and the internal stress in the wood is reduced. Then the internal stress in the wood can easily lead to cracking at the joint.


Therefore, before using a glued plastic panel, the wood must be kept for a certain period of time. The time for drying the wood is recommended to be more than one month (determined according to the environmental humidity, ambient temperature, and the material of the board). Plays a role in reducing the internal stress of the wood.

Wood drying for solid wood slabs must strictly control the final moisture content, ie, the drying benchmark that strictly controls the moisture balance at the later stages of wood drying. At the same time, ensure that the overall wood moisture content deviation is kept to a minimum

First, to further balance the moisture content of wood. During the drying process of wood, the upper and lower parts of the wood pile, the inner and the outer parts, and the moisture content inside and outside of each piece of wood are different. The appropriate time of aging can make the moisture content of the wood tend to be consistent.


Second, the stress in the wood can be released. As the wood is in the drying process, the change of the moisture causes the size and volume of the wood to change in each direction, so that the wood generates internal stress, and the wood is kept for a certain period of time, which can effectively reduce the internal stress. When the wood is dried and used for the production of solid wood products, especially furniture, the aging time should not be less than 1 month.

Reminder: The wood used for the glued board must strictly control its final moisture content. It is generally recommended that the moisture content be between 8 and 12%. At the same time, it must be ensured that the wood moisture content deviation of the entire kiln is controlled within the minimum range. The pieces that are spelled out will not crack.