Q: What are the unique advantages of custom furniture CNC cutting machine?

Q: What are the unique advantages of custom furniture CNC cutting machine?

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With China's opportunity to create the 2025, and the new era, the new furniture in the furniture industry reform wave, plate furniture occupy a huge market for the furniture industry. The intelligent customized panel furniture production line and CNC cutting machine are the production tool for panel furniture, and it is also the most popular woodworking machinery and equipment in the furniture industry.

1, support a variety of plates and special-shaped cutting;

2, support the density board, particle board, particle board, solid wood board and other materials. Intelligent software is used to generate CNC machining barcodes from store receipts to design. It has the function of automatic optimization of typesetting for cutting equipment and self-identification of the upper and lower processes of edge banding machines.

3, support one knife, blade width, knife length, saw seam, trimming and other technical requirements;

4, support for texture, tooling constraints and many other parameter settings.

5, can export G code, DXF file, and provide a special version of CNC cutting;

6. Component-based architecture, standardized data interface, and seamless integration with third-party software;

7, high-performance, high-speed material driving, material utilization rate of 95% or more, optimized layout of residual material, cutting the workload to a minimum.

8, rich peripheral functions, raw material library management, inventory management, tag printing, data import and export EXCEL table, BOM (bill of materials management), automatic generation of parts list, automatic raw materials, and Excel exchange data.