Q: What should I pay attention to when purchasing new Chinese furniture?

Q: What should I pay attention to when purchasing new Chinese furniture?

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New Chinese style furniture is loved by the older generation because of its antique style. What should you pay attention to when buying new Chinese style furniture? Zhongke CNC cutting machine simple analysis

First, measure the size of space, decided to buy furniture

Today's modern Chinese homes measure the size and area of their homes, and then conceive of flat layouts to make furniture flat and facade according to the style of life they seek, the space they create, their lifestyle, lifestyle, and interior needs. The scale is consistent with the area and height of the room. The type and quantity of furniture should not be too much, otherwise it will make the room become crowded and messy.

Second, choose suitable furniture for different types of units

New Chinese furniture

For different home layouts, many furniture sizes do not fit all the furniture space. Some large furniture requires a lot of space to match, and smaller furniture is placed in a small space.

1. The use of large furniture in a common public space can create a sense of independence, while the use of small furniture lacks tolerance;

2. Small residential houses generally use smaller-sized furniture, which is more in line with the flat layout and economic conditions. If the furniture is oversized, it will make the space obstructed, and there is no room for people to manoeuvre.

3. If the home furnishings are special, then some furniture needs to be customized to meet their own needs.

Third, first determine the furniture style, style and color, and then consider home decoration

New Chinese furniture

It is now common practice to first renovate and select new Chinese furniture. This is a mistake. In order to create a perfect home space, we must first buy new Chinese furniture, and then consider the decoration of the home space, because furniture is the focus of the entire home space, and the rest are based on furniture, such as wallpaper, accessories. and many more.