Golden Eagle takes you right to solve CNC cutting machine

Golden Eagle takes you right to solve CNC cutting machine

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CNC cutting machine is based on multi-step engraving machine technology to increase the configuration and change a small part of the structure upgrade, more suitable for plate furniture, the whole house custom opening function, can also take into account the cabinet door, wardrobe door and other three basic functions . So what does he have to compare with traditional equipment or artificial thinking?

First, compared with the sliding table saw: speed, high precision. Because the feeder is CNC controlled and the table saw is manually pushed, the speed and precision of the CNC feeder are much higher than those of the table saw.

Second, compared with the electronic saw: can be customized. Because the machine itself is CNC controlled and can be customized, it is very suitable for the current popular whole house custom production.

In the actual engraving process, a lot of people also have a question: Can an ordinary engraving machine be used as a numerical control cutting machine?

CNC cutting machine is nothing more than the opening and carving modeling, ordinary woodworking engraving machine can also do ah, why buy a feeder? Many customers have such questions, CNC cutting machine than ordinary multi-process woodworking engraving machine prices are much higher, what are the advantages of many customers choose to open the feeder, the following we analyze for everyone.

1, ordinary woodworking engraving machine or multi-process woodworking engraving machine can be opened, but its bed structure and mechanical components determine that it can not be long-term open work, otherwise it will cause bed deformation and mechanical accuracy is getting lower and lower;

2. The control system used by CNC cutting machine is intelligent. It can cooperate with numerous design layout optimization and open materials software, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the plate. Moreover, the software can automatically split the sheet and automatically open the material. The operation is simple and can be produced. It is an ordinary woodworking engraving machine can not match;

3, the bed structure and accessories used by the feeder are very high, can adapt to a long time of the opening work, the speed is very fast;

4, can be a good saving of labor, CNC cutting machine can be combined with automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic labeling and other automated systems, truly automated production, one can complete the operation;

5. The vacuuming function of the cutting machine is much stronger than that of the engraving machine, and the dust removal effect is better;

6. The feeder is a numerical control device with more detection and fault-tolerance mechanisms, and the operation is simple. The ordinary workers can complete the operation after simple training。