Q: What are the common problems and solutions for the engraving machine?

Q: What are the common problems and solutions for the engraving machine?

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The first is the alarm fault and the over-travel alarm, indicating that the machine has reached the extreme position during the operation. It is necessary to check whether the design figure size exceeds the processing range; check whether the machine motor shaft and the screw connection line are loose, if , Tighten the screws; the machine and computer are grounded correctly; the current coordinate value is beyond the software limit value range. After that, the engraving machine overtravel alarm will be released.

The second is the non-alarming failure of the engraving machine. The repetitive processing accuracy is not enough. According to the first item of the second item, the computer is running; the machine is not moving; check whether the connection between the computer control card and the electrical box is loose, if it is tight, and Tighten the fixing screws; when the machine can not find the signal when it returns to the mechanical origin, it will check the failure of the proximity switch at the mechanical origin.

The third type is the output failure of the engraving machine. If it is not output, please check whether the computer and the control box are connected. Check if the space is full in the setting of the engraving manager. Delete unused files in the manager; if the signal cable is loose, Check carefully whether the lines are connected. The fourth is the engraving machine failure, whether the loose screws in various parts; check the path of their own processing is correct; whether the file is too large 10 million computer processing error; increase or decrease the spindle speed to adapt to different materials; , The knife will be clamped in one direction, and the knife will be placed in order to avoid the sculpted object is not clean; check whether the tool is damaged, replace with a new knife, and re-engrave.