The difference between cutting machine and engraving machine

The difference between cutting machine and engraving machine

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Since the era of Industry 4.0, “customization” has become a word often mentioned in the circle, and the popularization of furniture customization has made the popularity of CNC cutting machines increasingly rapid. CNC cutting machine is an intelligent panel furniture opening equipment. The use of supporting typesetting software can achieve online design, rendering 3D renderings, one-click removal, optimized layout, automatic hole-hopping and other functions. Equipped with vacuum adsorption countertops, three processes of drilling, grooving, and opening of materials are completed at a time, greatly improving the processing efficiency. And with different shapes of pattern cutters, the function of the engraving machine can be fully realized, and cabinet doors and wooden doors can be shaped compared to engraving machines.

Therefore, the opening machine and the engraving machine have functional overlapping parts, and the appearance of these two devices is also almost the same, but due to different focuses, resulting in the two devices in the market price, bed structure, technical requirements and other aspects are not Small differences.

The first point, according to the price, the traditional single-head engraving machine, multi-step engraving machine than the corresponding opener equipment price is lower than 20,000 yuan, and this price is only approximate data, because the opener market price because of the configuration The difference is quite different.

However, the cost of cutting machine is mainly because the overall configuration is higher than that of the engraving machine. The weight of the bed of the cutting machine is more than one-half or even twice the weight of the engraving machine. And most of the feeders choose 1.5 die racks or 2 die racks, 25 or 30 rails, a grade higher than the engraving machine, the brand choice is also more cautious than the engraving machine, more excellent (not to mention the specific ads are not mentioned Brand, if necessary, can be private editors), and all this is to meet the use of opener performance. The opener is used for high-precision, heavy-duty work such as sheet blanking. The average processing speed of CNC cutting machine can reach 15m/min, and the cut-out plates require no breakage, sawtooth, wave pattern, etc. The heavy-duty bed and high-quality guide rails ensure that the machine will not be deformed during long-term high-speed operation. The engraving machine does not have the advantages of slow speed, low precision, and long-term heavy-load operation, which seriously affects the service life of the equipment.

Secondly, when selecting the type of motor for the feeder, hybrid servo, domestic servo or imported servo is generally used, which is different from step servo of general engraving machine. The main purpose is to meet the requirements of high speed and high precision and to improve the processing efficiency.

In addition to the above, the spindle selection is another difference between the two, the size of the spindle power affects the processing effect, so for high-speed cutting and cutting machine, you need to select a high-power spindle, the common 4.5KW, 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, etc., but the power used by the engraving machine is generally small.

It should be noted that the opener and the engraving machine are also different in the plate fixation: the opener is basically based on the adsorption of the table, which requires the increase of adsorption pump accessories, but also one of the reasons for the increase in costs. Many customers will say when buying a machine that the whole board has a good adsorption table, but processing a small piece of plate to open a sorption pump can be very power consuming, so you want to absorb the dual-purpose table, but this perception is biased. Its adsorption effect is not as good as fully adsorbing the countertops. Now the adsorption mesa is partitioned, and small plates can open a single adsorption area to save electricity. For the adsorption pump, there are two kinds of air-cooled and water-cooled air-cooled adsorption pumps, but the water-cooled adsorption pumps need to pay attention to the winter freeze protection problem. Therefore, we can select the appropriate adsorption pump according to the local regional climate conditions.

The last slight difference is reflected in the upgrade of the control system. The opener generally does not use pirated systems or handle systems. Most of them use genuine systems and choose different control systems according to customer needs.

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