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GM1200B Automatic CNC Drilling Machine

It's a powerful drilling machine, can accomplish all five sided holes and slots at one processing.It can completely substitute the traditional panel saw and gang drill, and discard the dependence of traditional punching mode on the technical workers. Combined with professional production design sooftware, it achieves really intelligent producction, with high precision and fast speed. 

Techncial Parameters: 

Working Stroke X/Y/A/Z Axis 1250/ 1490/ 80/ 50 mm
Max. Positioning Speed X/Y/A/Z Axis 80/ 60/ 30/ 30 m/min
Borehole Combination Device Vertical Drills X-axis direction 7 groups, Y-axis direction 9 groups
  Horizontal Drills 1 left + 1 right + 2 front + 2 rear
  Drill Unit Motor Power 2.2kw, 4000rpm
Engrave Milling Spindle Spindle Collect Er32
  Tool Holder Φ10
  Spindle Motor Power 2.2kw
  Spindle Speed 24000rpm
Processing Size Range Mini/ Max Sheet Width 50mm/ 1200mm
  Mini Sheet Length 200mm
  Max Sheet Thickness 50mm
Other Paramter Total Power 7.5kw
  Working Voltage AC380/50HZ
  Workinig Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
  Machine Diemsnion 3500*2100*1700mm


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