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Panel Furniture Production Line

This equipment combines all the features of machining centers, including automatic labeling, automatic loading and unloading, optimized cutting, vertical drilling, grooving, milling and other  processing. Be suitable for routing, embossing, drilling, cutting, edge chamfering and other diversified product processing, no interruption, maximize efficiency. Supported with professional cutting and optimization software, it is truly a combination of hardware and software. The control system is easy to operate, fast speed, high production efficiency.
Performance Feature:
1). Automatic labeling.
2). Front lift platform, with lifting roller table and panel positioning system, allow the entire panel move in and out more easily. 
3). Vacuum suction cups design, combined with vacuum regulating valves, can adsorb the panel and move quickly.
4). Middle pusher design, can quickly push off the finished workpiece and adsorb the next new workpiece into the working table to complete the positioning and processing. 
5). Back belt conveyor, can quickly deliver the finished workpiece to the positioning point. Speed is adjustable. 
6). The lower side is one dust filter plate, which can completely remove all the dust on the finished workpiece while it’s pushed off. 
7). Panel displacement detecting switch. The front switch controls delivery speed of the belt, while the rear switch controls the stopping delivery of the panel.
8). It can achieve one-time feeding and cutting, which dramatically improve the production efficiency and capacity. 

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