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S100 Linear ATC CNC Machining Center

Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, panels, doors, windows, tables, chairs, folding screens, waved plate, large wall hangings, advertising boards, sign makings.
Applicable Materials: wood, bamboo, marble, organic board, color plates and other materials. 

Technical Parameters:

Configuration 9KW air cooling spindle + Linear tool change
Working Area 1230*2450*200mm
Transmission X/Y axis helical rack & pinion, Z axis ball screw
Table Structure Vacuum table
Drive Motor Yaskawa
Max. Traveling Speed 60m/min
Max. Working Speed 30m/min
Spindle Speed 24000r/min
Working Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
Control System Syntec

1). Option: Italy HSD spindle, 6/8/12pcs linear tool change, German Becker pump, etc..
2). Any machine size can be customized as per request, including 1325/ 1530/ 2030/ 2040 etc..


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