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PTP Drilling Machining Center

Be suitable for processing diversified complicated products, with wide range of functions, including routing, drilling, cutting, side milling, sawing, etc.. It breaks the traditional processing mode, really saves time and effort. Make the production get rid of artificial dependence, significantly shorten the production process and processing time. It can be interfaced with panel production line software, is one essential equipment for the customized panel furniture production line. 

Technical Parameters:

Configuration 9KW air cooling spindle + Circular tool change + Drilling unit
(9 vertical + 6 horizontal + 1 sawing unit)
Working Area 1300*3700*150mm
Transmission X/Y axis helical rack & pinion, Z axis TBI ball screw
Table Structure German Schmalz vacuum talbe 
Drive Motor Yaskawa servo motor
Max. Traveling Speed 80m/min
Max. Working Speed 20m/min
Spindle Speed 24000r/min
Working Voltage AC380/3PH/60HZ
Control System Syntec



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