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BD4015 Four Axis Rotary Stone CNC Router

Widely used in stone processing industry, decoration industry, Buddha production enterprises, antique furniture enterprises, handicraft production enterprises and other cylindrical three-dimensional processing production industry. Can work for human statues, Buddha, antique  carving, antique furniture, China white stone, Three-dimensional sculpture,etc.. 

Technical Parameters:

Spindle Motor 2.2KW water cooling spindle
Max. Diameter of Workpiece 400mm
Max. Length of Workpiece 1500mm
Transmission X/Y/Z axis ball screw
Drive Motor Servo motor
Spindle Speed 6000~24000r/min
Max. Traveling Speed 20m/miin
Max. Working Speed 10m/min
Working Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
Control System 4 axis DSP

Any machine size can be customized as per request.


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