Mars escorts the majority of furniture friends

Mars escorts the majority of furniture friends

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[plate type furniture opening machine - MARS]

Anhui house furniture customization and panel furniture customization are simple and cost-effective, but also allow consumers to participate in product design, so it is deeply loved by young consumers. In addition, customization of panel furniture can be customized according to the size of the house. For example, the size, style and position of the furniture can be designed and installed according to individual needs.

The advantages of panel furniture customization

First, the quality assurance: customized plate furniture to mechanized production, product quality control, making every piece of furniture produced have a quality guarantee. However, due to the inconsistent proficiency of construction workers, the quality of raw materials used, and the environment at the construction site, the quality of furniture is uneven.

Second, the upgrading of quality: can be tailor-made for consumers, in the color, size, function can be arbitrary choice, can move, disassemble, increase or decrease combination, very flexible.

Third, the acceleration of efficiency: plate furniture custom efficiency is relatively fast, only 5-15 days from order to delivery; and traditional furniture construction cycle, affecting life, increase costs.

Fourth, for the health: more custom furniture plate is the use of health and environmental protection furniture plates, formaldehyde emission is low, and traditional furniture using a lot of strong plastic, resin, etc., there will be pungent and acidic volatiles.

Panel furniture maintenance

First, place a stable

Flat furniture should be placed in a stable manner. Each corner should be balanced with the ground. If it is shaken and unstable after being placed, it will take a long time for the fasteners to fall off and the adhesive part to crack, which will affect the use effect and reduce the life of the furniture. .

Second, the correct cleaning of furniture

Clean the dust of the panel furniture, it is best to gently wipe with a cotton knitted fabric, for the furniture treated with paint, you can use colorless furniture polishing wax to enhance the gloss to reduce dust.

Third, avoid direct sunlight

Panel furniture should not be placed in a place with direct sunlight. After direct sunlight, the furniture paint film will fade and the wood will be brittle.

Fourth, control indoor humidity

To maintain the indoor temperature, do not let the panel furniture damp, prevent excessive humidity, resulting in wood decay, corrosion of metal parts, easy to open the bond at the site of the bond.

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Plate-type material processing center production line, production line process: design dismantling - optimization typesetting - automatic labeling - feeding - punching and blanking - cutting - edge - side punch - assembly of finished products.