Nesting CNC Machining Center XE300


Panel processing, panel furniture, computer desk, office furniture, wooden speaker, wooden kitchen ware, customized chest cabinet, and so on

Technical Parameters:

Confoguration 6KW + 4.5KW + Drilling bank 5+4
Working Area 1230*2450*200mm
Transmission X/Y axis rack and pinion, Z axis ball screw
Table Structure Vacuum Table
Drive Motor Yaskawa / Delta
Max Working Speed 80m/min
Max Working Speed
Spindle Speed 0-24000r/min
Working Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
Control System Syntec / Osai

Performance Features:

1. Industrial thick square steel tube welded frame, with tempering aging treatment, to ensure strong, durable, without any deformation.

2. Imported precision ball screw, high speed, high precision, long service life.

3. With break-point and power-off memory function, ensure continuous processing after an accident of tool breaking or power-off.;

4. Advanced CNC system, simple operation, easy maintenance, user-friendly design to meet the diverse needs of customers;

5. Compatible with any advanced CAD/CAM software, including Type3/ ArtCAM/ CAXA/ UG / pro-e/ Mastercam/ JDPaint/ Wentai, etc.;