Q: What are the types of plate furniture cabinet plates?

Q: What are the types of plate furniture cabinet plates?

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In the production of panel furniture, a panel-type furniture opening machine is used. Now, the panel-type furniture opening machine simply refers to the type of panel furniture cabinet plate.

1. Particleboard is made by pressing wood chips, branches, etc. The advantage is that the cost is low. The disadvantage is that it contains substances that are harmful to the human body - formaldehyde.

2, MDF is made of wood fiber or other plant fibers as raw materials, made of artificial board with adhesive. Divided into high-density board, medium-density board, low-density board. MDF has the advantages of impact resistance, high strength, and the disadvantage is poor water resistance.

3, moisture-proof plate is the use of particleboard processing technology, the adhesive into a green waterproof green adhesive, the advantage is better waterproof.

4, fire board is the use of siliceous materials or calcium materials, and a certain proportion of fiber materials, adhesives and chemical additives mixed, made of autoclaved decorative sheet. The advantage is that it can fire, the disadvantage is the high price.