Q: What is the production process of panel furniture?

Q: What is the production process of panel furniture?

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1, felling fresh logs;

2. Strip the bark to remove the core;

3, spinning into fibers;

4, 200 degrees high temperature disinfection, sterilization, absolutely dry to 25% moisture content;

5, adding environmentally friendly resin plastic catalyst (including formaldehyde);

6, pavement; 7,400 tons of high pressure 200 degrees high pressure pressure;

8, plate windmill cooling;

9, double-sided kill light;

10, sheet anti-deformation health. The production process of layout furniture is:

1, computer opening;

2, mechanical edge sealing;

3, high-speed drilling;

4, mechanical forming;

5, quality testing;

6, mechanical sanding;

7, make up putty;

8, sealed solid bottom;

9, manual sanding;

10, again quality inspection;

11, spraying primer;

12, repeated grinding;

13, spray paint;

14, dust drying;

15, again quality inspection;

16, three-tier packaging; the entire process of science, rigorous, in full compliance with international standards.