MARS-fifteen years CNC equipment manufacturers

MARS-fifteen years CNC equipment manufacturers

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Ares cabinet closet opener plate furniture production line and processing center production line:

Equipped with automatic typesetting software, it can process different orders from different customers at the same time. It can directly export finished products with the most material saving method and the fastest speed. The operator only needs to put the plate on the automatic feeding table, the machine will automatically take the material, position, automatically open the material, automatically bar code, automatically hit the vertical hole, automatic edge sealing, automatic horizontal hole. After finishing the processing, the automatic feeding device pushes the plate onto the conveyor belt and vacuums at the same time. At this time, only one person needs to pick it up at the blanking place.

Ares cabinet closet opener:

First, the opener with a milling cutter, plate furniture production line prices, can be any direction of turning, can cut special-shaped plate, the average size of the plate plate utilization rate of 2.78 square meters per board. Cutting eco-board, multilayer board, Ozon board, MDF board can not afford glitches

Second, all data sizes are calculated by computer, panel furniture production line solution, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple. Any worker can directly work after 3 to 5 hours of training. And the blanking speed of the feeder reached 70 meters. The panel furniture production line was sold by the God of War factory. The engraving speed reached 28 meters per minute.

Ares plate furniture production line process:

Dismantling of the design - optimization of layout - automatic labeling - feeding - punching and cutting - cutting - sealing - side punch - assembly of finished products.

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